The Heron community are very privileged to be taking part in the Take Two programme. Take Two brings world-renowned artwork from their collections directly into classrooms across the country. The programme has reached over 9,000 students, staff, visitors and parents. 

Their aim is to inspire students to be artists and discover a wide range of roles in the arts for future careers, developing the future of British art to include a diverse workforce.

By putting artworks into the school landscape, the Take Two programme acts as an exchange of experiences and knowledge, empowering schools to take responsibility for caring for the artworks and to learn and experience these works up close in an accessible environment.

By selecting two pieces we took an active role in the selection process, which has proven to be hugely impactful. The journey of exploring the relationship between two artworks also offers a powerful exchange of ideas, responses and dialogue, allowing students the opportunity to investigate similarities and differences in themes, scale, surface, texture and medium.

Our staff and pupils are really enjoying having the art work on display. They especially love pressing the audio button which has information on each piece of artwork.

take tw 1

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